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The story behind #DonateOilToIndianEmbaasy – Media Kurakani

The story behind #DonateOilToIndianEmbaasy

Twitter users have gathered around the embassy to ‘donate’ fuel. Photo: Nagarik

Because of India’s ‘unofficial blockade’, Nepal has been suffering from an acute fuel shortage since the past two weeks.

Meanwhile, the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu asked Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) to provide gasoline for its motor vehicles as local stations have run dry due to the blockade.

According to The Kahtmandu Post, it has written to NOC for 100-150 liters of fuel which is presently being rationed as the southern neighbor has stopped all shipments.

As the news broke about Indian embassy requesting the Nepal Oil Corporation for oil, various  users have taken to the microblogging site using hashtag #DonateOilToIndianEmbassy and urging everyone to donate liberally and “help them in the hour of need”.

In a symbolic protest, the youths converged outside the Indian embassy, carrying petrol-filled bottles and placards reading: “we don’t need oil, but won’t sell our self-respect.” However, they were stopped outside the department of mines and geology on the way to Indian embassy.

According to, it was “a mockery to Indian Embassy in Kathmandu”.

About 200 Twitter users in Nepal have gathered outside the Indian embassy in Kathmandu to “donate” oil as fuel shortages become more acute, reports BBC.

It has been just two weeks, #BackOffIndia trends worldwide as Nepal citizens protest against India’s intervention. Peoples in Nepal are asking India to end its interference in Nepal’s domestic politics. Previously Nepalis have criticized Indian media for their “insensitive” reporting of the earthquake with twitter hashtag #GoHomeIndianMedia.

BBC has reported, “there are stories aplenty of how the Indian media – mainly the news channels – have covered the quake. A reporter seized a wounded survivor and paraded her in front of the cameras rather than putting some cloth to stop the bleeding. Another one asked a woman whose only son was buried under a wreck, “How do you feel?”.

You may ask: did Indian Embassy accepted those petrol-filled bottles? The answer is: No!

One of the staffs have replied to campaigners: “donate to your people”, according to

Read how Nepal’s major news portals have covered #DonateOilToIndianEmbassy: Onlinekhabar | Setopati | Kantipur | The Kathmandu Post | Nagarik | Republica | PahiloPost | AnnapurnaPost | Ratopati |

Here is what Nepalese twitter user had to say. Read Live Update on #DonateOilToIndianEmbassy:

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