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Nari Magazine
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Short Business Description: A Nepali woman plays many important roles. She is a professional, a daughter, a wife, a homemaker, a mother. But she is also so much more. And therefore, to cater to her manifold interests, Nari creates content that speaks to women, month after month, year on year. Nari covers it all—the nitty gritties of daily life, parenting issues, home-improvement ideas, the latest fashion tips, stories about arts, culture, movies and music, perspectives on society, discussions on glamour and shopping and advice columns on love and relationships. Kantipur Media Group’s special undertaking, Nari celebrates the essence of womanhood like no other magazine in Nepal.
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The origin of Nari is linked with the publication of a monthly called ‘Sarbottam’. Sarbottam was released in October 2002, with the objective of providing entertaining content from all over the world. Two years later, realising that the voice of Nepali women goes unheard, the magazine was turned into Sarbottam Nari. Since then, Nari has become the leading monthly dedicated solely to the Nepali woman.

The magazine covers a wide range of issues pertaining to Nepali women–from women’s rights and issues of empowerment to beauty, food, health and fashion. The objective is to cater to multiple personalities a woman embodies–a professional, a daughter, a wife, a mother and a homemaker, among others. The content ranges from perspectives on politics and society to profiles of successful women at regional and national level, to the nitty gritties of daily life, parenting issues, home-improvement ideas, the latest fashion tips, stories about arts and culture, views on movies and music, discussions on glamour and shopping, and advice on love and relationships.

Nari wants to help the culture of reading and writing flourish among Nepali women. It encourages female writers to contribute regular columns, urges in-house writers to quote female experts, gives priority to articles written by female writers and promotes articles written by men on women’s issues. The magazine wants to analyse the social, political and economic status of Nepali women, capture the essence of womanhood and fight for gender equality.

Nari is also available in Hongkong, Malaysia, Japan and Australia.

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